It Starts at Home

Evaluate your level of intentionality over the past couple months. Then, create an intentionality game plan for the coming months.

We Believe…

Building Strong Families • Creating a Culture of Intentional Discipleship at Home

  • Young adults can become intentional about their future.
  • Couples can become intentional about becoming one and creating times of connection.
  • Parents can become intentional about launching simple faith routines.
  • Children can become intentional about fostering relationships with their parents, siblings, friends, family, and Jesus. 
  • Grandparents can become intentional about pointing the next generation toward God. 
  • Singles can become intentional about growing in faith.

Everyone can become intentional about living the faith at home in ways that attract their friends, families, and neighbors to Jesus.

Helping You Build A Strong Family

God designed the family as the primary place for faith and character formation. We want to inspire, equip and assist you in becoming intentional about building a God-honoring home.

One Step At A Time

Intentional@Home exists to increase the likelihood that you will…

Live a more intentional spiritual and sacramental life.

Build a life-long and thriving marriage.

Introduce your children (and grandchildren) to Jesus.

Launch your teens and young adults as intentional disciples.

What Is Intentional@Home?

Intentional@Home is designed to help you take simple steps to be more intentional about integrating your faith life in your home. We are working toward creating a culture of intentional families using three simple objectives:

Make it Easy
Idea Cards

We hope to make it easy for you to become intentional at home by providing bite-sized, life-season specific ideas and resources. We will provide weekly and monthly ideas & resources that apply to a variety of ages.

Make it Likely
Focus Areas

We hope to make it more likely that you will become intentional by nudging you to incorporate holy habits into your existing family-life routines. We will remind you with parish focus areas & resources for your home.

Make it Relevant
Life Stage Pointers

We hope to help you navigate the family season, most pressing questions, and challenging situations that apply to your home today. We will provide Christian-based resources and referrals to assist your specific life situations.

Let’s build strong families together.

Intentional@home is a ministry of Most Blessed Sacrament Parish in Oshkosh, WI.

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