Day 9: Participate in the Parish Greeting Card Drive

Most Blessed Sacrament Parish has many members over the age of 80 who are in nursing homes, home-bound, or confined to their homes during this pandemic. Would you be willing to collaborate with our Care Ministry and Pastoral Outreach Team and make a card or two for someone? This is a great project that even young children can participate in.

We would also like to reach out to those who are imprisoned at this time. A simple card/note to let individuals know that the peace of Christ is with them is especially meaningful to someone who may be seeking forgiveness. During this pandemic, when even our prisons are seeing cases of Coronavirus, it is important to share our love and humanity.

Anyone can participate in this collaborative project. You may drop your cards off at the parish office. Place them in the mail slot located at the rectory front door, or mail them to 435 High Ave., Attention: Laurie. Your card will then be sent on to bring Jesus’ love to someone who is in a nursing home, homebound, ill or imprisoned. Thank you for helping!

Any questions? Contact Laurie at 231-9782 or

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