Where Jesus Lived

Children as young as 3 years old work with a globe and the raised surface map of Israel. They learn about the small land of Israel where Jesus was born. Then they learn about three important cities: the town of Nazareth where Mary was asked to be the mother of God (represented by a fire shaped flag), Bethlehem where Jesus was born (represented by a comet shaped flag), and Jerusalem, where Jesus died and rose again outside the walls (represented by a cross). Once children learn to identify these 3 cities, they will be shown a more detailed map and learn to identify the regions and waterways of Israel. These geography presentations help the children discover the reality of Jesus’ incarnation. 

Stories from the Atrium

After showing a three year old child this presentation, I stepped away so that he could work with the map. He held up the fire flag and repeated, “Mary said yes. Here Mary said yes!” When his mom arrived at the end of the session he grabbed the small globe and ran to her. He pointed to Israel and said, “this is where Jesus lived!”

Shannon Ausloos, 2020

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