Discipleship Night: The 7•5•1 Prayer Initiative

7 5 1 prayer at home

February 2021

This month, families of all sizes and season gathered virtually to talk about how our 7•5•1 Prayer@Home Initiative for Lent.

Join us in making a new commitment to pray with and for your families! We’ll share tips for creating a prayer routine that works for you, suggestions for overcoming obstacles to prayer, and prayer ideas that you may have not considered before!

7•5•1 Means:

  • Praying for your family 7 days a week
  • Praying with your family or someone else 5 days a week
  • Praying with your parish family 1 day a week

The 7•5•1 Prayer Initiative

Idea Card: The ACTS Prayer Method

More About Discipleship Nights

Let’s build strong families together.

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