7•5•1: The Prayer@Home Initiative

Become Intentional About Prayer

Join thousands across the country and the homes in our parish in making a new commitment to pray with and for your family!

Studies have shown that the simple routine of praying together at home makes it much more likely you will …

Build a life-long, thriving marriage

Strengthen your relationships

Reduce tension, stress and anxiety

Commit to being a 7 • 5 • 1 Home!

The 7•5•1 Prayer@Home Initiative is designed to challenge homes to pray seven times a week individually for their family, five times a week together as a family, and one times a week your parish family.

We know that every home looks a little different, and so how your home chooses to commit might not look exactly the same as another family in our parish.  Resources are available for homes with members of all ages to help you develop meaningful and enjoyable prayer routines and rhythms into your life.   

This campaign is designed to help everyone – regardless of what your family looks like – in our parish grow in your relationship with Jesus. 

Commit to being a 7•5•1 Home!

7 Days Weekly:
Pray for your family

Find an “accountability” partner who will check in with you to ask how your personal prayer time is going on a regular basis.

5 Days Weekly:
Pray with your family

If you live away from your family, be creative! You can pray over the phone, send a texted prayer, or even pray via virtual meeting.

1 Day Weekly:
Pray with your parish family

Consider asking your spouse, another family member, or a friend to join you for a prayer opportunity with your church family.

“Prayer is not what we do but what God does in us, how God loves us, addresses us, looks at us, enlightens us, forgives us, heals us, purifies us and eventually transforms us.” 

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