Lenten Resolutions for Married Couples

Inspired by Pope Francis Best Use:Grow in holiness together with your spouse. Nutritional Value:In his homilies and addresses, Pope Francis has spoken quite directly about how husband and wife should treat each other, about prayer within the family, and other ways the family lives its identity as a “domestic Church.” Commit with your spouse toContinue reading “Lenten Resolutions for Married Couples”

Discipleship Night: Expectation and Anticipation

December 2020 This month, families of all sizes and season gathered virtually to talk about how we can be intentional during this Advent & Christmas season. Unpack your expectations for Christmas and rethink how you prepare for this great celebration during the season of Advent. Make your 2020 Christmas a joy-filled and memorable celebration byContinue reading “Discipleship Night: Expectation and Anticipation”