Intentional Grandparenting

Living to leave a legacy for the next generation

We are not called grandparents because we have been retired from the parenting process. We are called “grand” because we have been promoted!

You’ve Been Promoted!

Those blessed with the gift of grandchildren are called to inspire and nurture the faith of the next generation as life’s greatest privilege and priority. Other than moms and dads, no one carries more stature and inherent authority in the lives of children than grandma and grandpa.

Grandparents can concentrate on more of the emotional and spiritual needs of the children because they usually do not carry the burden of the day-to-day priorities such as baths, meals, laundry, etc. Those duties most often fall to the parents, giving grandparents a unique and exalted position when it comes to influencing the next generation.

Having influence is not the same as using influence. Every time you invest in your grandchild before the age of 12, you make a “deposit” into the influence bank. The goal is to have enough in that bank to influence your grandchild through the teenage years and beyond. Commit to making significant deposits!

What simple steps can you take to become more intentional about leveraging the influence God has given you in the lives of your grandchildren?

Life Stage Pointers & Idea Cards: Grandparenting

Life Stage Pointers provide a Catholic Christian perspective on common family seasons and challenges.

The Idea Cards help you make faith conversations easy by providing simple activities you can do in one evening.

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