Holy Week@home

Pope Francis says that to be holy is to “live our lives with love and bearing witness in everything we do – wherever we find ourselves.”

Below are a few suggestions for how to help make this week a “holy week”- wherever you find yourself! 

Holy Week @ Home

Join us at Most Blessed Sacrament (in person or via livestream) for the celebrations of Holy Week. Full schedule here

Read John 12:12-15. 

Hold your own family procession (outside if weather permits) using palm branches and singing “Hosannah!” 

Find a Stations of the Cross that you can do together with the people in your home to praying a little more deeply through the Passion of Jesus that’s read at Mass today.  

Read John 13:1-17.

In ancient households, the lowest job of all was to wash the feet of guests. Usually this task was only carried out by servants. Discuss the many ways Jesus humbled Himself while on earth. Take turns washing one another’s feet and then read Philippians 2:5-8 and pray together: Lord Jesus, thank You for humbling Yourself for us. Help us to do the same with one another. Amen.

Bake homemade bread or rolls to serve with dinner today.  Hot cross buns are a traditional bread for Holy Thursday & Good Friday.  Have the head of the household start dinner by making a sign of the cross over the bread (or first roll).  Then break it and hand it to the next person (and on down the line to everyone).  Have everyone wait to start the meal until everyone has received the blessed bread.  

A day of fasting: Catholics who are healthy and over 18 should limit to 1 regular sized meal and 2 small meals (when combined are not as large as your regular meal).  Catholics also abstain from eating meat on this day.  Every time you feel a little hungry during the day, try praying for those who do not have enough to eat, saying sorry to God for one of your sins, or simply praying: Jesus, I am doing this for you.

12PM – 3PM are the traditional hours that Jesus hung on the cross.  Try cutting out music, TV, social media, and other distractions during those hours of the day today.  

Read Matthew 27:57-66. 

Have each member of the family name one person who knew Jesus and describe what they must have been thinking/freeing the day before His resurrection.  After sharing, pray: Lord Jesus, thank you for going into the grave so we could overcome death!

Have an Easter feast with family (and friends)!  Easter is a time for feasting and superabundance. Make something special (don’t forget dessert!), light candles, and decorate the table. 

Start your meal with this simple prayer:  We rejoice in Jesus’ resurrection, O God, and ask you to bless our celebration. Amen.  

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