Idea Cards: Grandparents

Making Faith Conversations Easy

Think of these as recipe cards to help you prepare your Intentional@Home plan. They are designed to give you just one idea you can implement this week to becoming more intentional about faith formation at home.

The Idea Cards help you make faith conversations easy by providing family time activities, mealtime conversation prompts, movie night chat ideas, date night ideas, bedtime prayer and blessings, etc

  • Epiphany Home Blessing
    Best Use:This tradition is done at the beginning of each year so that you can invite God into your homes and place all who live there under his protection. Nutritional Value:On the Feast of the Epiphany, we remember the Three WiseContinue reading “Epiphany Home Blessing”
  • Family Lenten Calendar
    Best Use:Simple steps your family can take for a meaningful Lent. Nutritional Value:Print this Lenten family calendar from Loyola Press and post it in a prominent place in your home to help you honor the season of Lent. 
  • Morning Offering
    A Prayer to Start your Day Best Use:To help you start your day grounded in prayer. Nutritional Value:Helps you start your day by offering everything you have to Jesus. Focuses your day and sets you off on the right foot.
  • Blessing of Grandparents
    Best Use:To honor and ask God’s blessing upon a grandparent. Nutritional Value:This blessing from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops may be used at special family visits, holidays, or at the birth of a new grandchild.
  • A.C.T.S. Prayer Guide
    A Simple Acronym to Help You Pray Best Use:To guide your personal prayer time or prayer time as a family. Nutritional Value:Helps you pray with confidence and stay focused and intentional about the time you spend in prayer.
  • Mealtime Prompt: The Year of the Lord-Making Your Household Calendar Christ-Centered
    Best Use:As a family activity early in the new year. Nutritional Value:Creating memorable teaching moments about the Church’s calendar and making your household calendar Christ-centered.
  • Christmas@Home: Blessing the Christmas Tree
    Best Use:As a Christmas family activity. Nutritional Value:Helping connect the traditional Christmas decorations to the birth of Jesus and the reason he came.
  • Christmas@Home: Blessing the Nativity Scene
    Best Use:As a Christmas family activity. Nutritional Value:Helping connect the traditional Christmas decorations to the birth of Jesus and the reason he came.
  • Holidays: Christmas Gifts from the Heart
    Best Use:As a Christmas family activity. Nutritional Value:Focusing on the true meaning of Christmas as you celebrate Christ’s birth and find ways to give gifts that money cannot buy.
  • Mealtime Prompts: Planning Your 2020 Christmas
    Best Use:To guide a discussion with your household on your expectations and plans this Christmas. Nutritional Value:Helps you celebrate your favorite holiday memories, identify your expectations for this year and plan for a memorable joy-filled Christmas.
  • Mealtime Prompts: Crafting a Vision Statement for Your Household
    Best Use:To guide a discussion with your household on shared family vision. Nutritional Value:Helps you identify and celebrate your family’s values; gives you an opportunity to share your dreams for your family and create a shared vision for the future.
  • Grandparents: Passing on a Strong Christian Legacy
    Best Use:To guide memorable faith discussions with your grandchildren. Nutritional Value:Helps you launch frequent faith discussions in order to pass down a strong Christian legacy to your grandchildren.
  • Mealtime Prompts: Reflecting on the Pandemic
    Discussion guide to help your whole household look back over the past few months Best Use:To guide as a dinner discussion starter with everyone in your home. Nutritional Value:Helps you reflect on the ups and downs of the past year andContinue reading “Mealtime Prompts: Reflecting on the Pandemic”
  • Grand Ideas: Connect with Your Grandchild
    Activities and Ideas to Connect with Your Grandchild Best Use : Make a plan, mark your calendar and make it a priority to foster the relationship you have together. Nutritional Value:   As a grandparent, you have an incredible opportunity to investContinue reading “Grand Ideas: Connect with Your Grandchild”
  • Long-Distance Grandparenting
    Ideas for Intentional Connections with Grandchildren Who Live Far Away Though your physical contact may be limited, you can still maintain a regular presence and have a great impact on your grandchildren’s lives. It just takes a little planning!

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