Make Mass Count Campaign

Want to Get More Out of Mass?

Your whole family is invited to join us for a 6 week challenge to rediscover the power of the Catholic Mass.

Check out a few of the unexpected benefits from regular Mass attendance…

Regular church goers have stronger marriages and report more satisfaction in the bedroom.

1992 National Health and Social Life Survey

Catholics who regularly attend Mass report being happier and having a lower risk of depression/suicide.

Gallup 2002 and 2003 studies, 2016 JAMA Psychiatry study

Older Adults who are religiously active have lower blood pressure and can even live longer!

1998 International Journal of Psychiatry and Medicine, 2016 JAMA Internal Medicine

Do you feel like Mass is hard to appreciate?

That’s okay! The Mass is the most profound, mystical prayer of the Catholic Church, but it may also be the most difficult to truly appreciate.

Is it easy for you to connect to God at Mass?

You may already know that the Mass combines prayer, history, beauty and culture to bring us into a profound union with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; and it serves to bring us together as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Regardless of where you are today, Jesus invites you to

– worship Him, praise Him, adore Him, bless Him –

encounter Him a little more at Mass.

Make Mass Count: Get Started Today!

Step 1: Commit to attending Mass once a week

Sign up your household for our Make Mass Count Challenge.

Step 2: Encounter God in the Two Parts of the Mass.

Listen for God’s message to you in the scripture readings and pray to Jesus as you meet him in the Eucharist.

Step 3: Look for 3 God-moments during the Mass.

Share them with your family and friends, and share them with us on our Facebook page.  

Commit to Making Mass Count!

Step 1: Attend Mass Once a Week

The Church states that Catholics have an obligation to attend Mass on Sundays unless a grave reason prevents them from doing so (Canons 1246-1248; CCC 2174-2178).

But, coming to Mass is more than just fulfilling an obligation!

When we attend Mass, worship Jesus, and receive Him in Holy Communion, we are given divine grace to support us in our trials and sufferings, and are enabled to grow in holiness.

Why is worship an obligation?
God gives us worship in the Mass as one of the primary ways for us to grow in union with Him. He knows that we are human and we need a day of rest, to be renewed. However, we can only truly find this rest, when we rest in Him.

“Since the apostles, the Mass has been the central act of Christian worship.”

 A Biblical Walk Through the Mass, p.1, Edward Sri

Step 2: Encounter God at Mass

The Mass has two parts: the liturgy of the word and the liturgy of the Eucharist. We encounter God in unique ways during each of these parts of Mass.

Part One: The Liturgy of the Word

When Catholics attend church they hear readings from the Old Testament, the Psalms, the New Testament, and numerous verses from Scripture are interwoven into the Mass. The words of Scripture apply to our lives today, and are meant to help us become more like Christ.

Part Two: The Liturgy of the Eucharist

In the Liturgy of the Eucharist, we offer our lives to God, ask him to transform bread and wine into Jesus’ very Body and Blood. We worship Him, and then we receive Him.

An Actual Miracle

It’s not a symbol. The Body and Blood are not with the bread and wine. It literally changes. It’s a miracle – one we can only believe by faith. 

Step 3: Look For & Share God Moments

Try to spend 15 minutes talking with your family or friends about how they encountered God at Mass. Some questions you might discuss include:

Was there a word, phrase, image or message from scripture that moved you?

What did you experience when the bread and wine became Jesus and the bells rang?

What was it like to receive Jesus in the Eucharist? Did you speak to Jesus? Did you feel/hear/see his presence?

Was there a song, statue, or piece of art that inspired you?

Did you experience God’s presence through the people of God around you?

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