Intentional Parenting

Inspire faith in the next generation.

Producing and guiding the next generation is a mission that stretches us and pushes us to depend on God like few other things in life, all the while revealing and shaping our larger purpose within God’s plan for humanity.

Building Strong Families

Those blessed with the gift of children are called to inspire and nurture the faith of the next generation as life’s greatest privilege and priority.

Every believing parent hopes his or her child will embrace the faith and grow deep spiritual roots.  But studies tell us that over half of those growing up in Christian homes will walk away from Christianity by the time they leave the teen years – never to return.  

Too often, parents “outsource” the spiritual formation of their children to the church.  And while a good church is very important, God designed the family to be the primary place where faith is nurtured.

Parents can become intentional about launching simple faith routines. You can help your children, at age appropriate levels,  become intentional about fostering relationships with their parents, siblings, friends, family, and Jesus. 

Life Stage Pointers & Idea Cards: Parents

Life Stage Pointers provide a Catholic Christian perspective on common family seasons and challenges.

The Idea Cards help you make faith conversations easy by providing simple activities you can do in one evening.

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