Young Children: Creating Impression Points

Best Use: To guide a dessert date with your younger child(ren) in which you will select ways to share faith discussions together. Nutritional Value: Helps you launch frequent faith discussions in order to fulfill the commandment to “impress them on your children” found in Deuteronomy 6:6-9

Parents: Preparing for Baby

Congratulations on the exciting stage of life! Whether you’ve recently had a new baby, are counting down to your due date or preparing to adopt, you’ve  likely noticed that parenthood is an entirely different world. In the midst of all the joy and anticipation comes a whole new level of stretching and character development. You may be wonderingContinue reading “Parents: Preparing for Baby”

Married: Considering Children

Each of us have distinct strengths, passions and experiences that guide what we do in life. Marriage and parenting are a general calling that applies to most people of faith. And while having children isn’t the only purpose for marriage, it is a foundational part of God’s call to couples who are able to conceiveContinue reading “Married: Considering Children”