Day 3: Create a Home Altar

Creating a home altar is a beautiful way to bring peace and prayer into your space. A home altar is a reminder that God is present and it provides a place for you and your family members to focus on your daily relationship with God.

Begin your home altar by choosing a space. You might choose a quiet area of the home as a place of retreat and prayer.

Or you could choose a busy part of the house to put your altar as a reminder of God’s presence in the midst of daily life. Either way, make sure to create a dedicated place that will be set aside for prayer. That means don’t choose a place that regularly collects junk.

Next, make the area beautiful. Beauty has a way of drawing our thoughts to God. Select items that are special. This can include simple, hand-crafted art or items that you already have at home. You might also decide to invest a few pieces that really move you. The most important thing is that these items help you to pray.

Some items you might want to include: A crucifix, candles (real or battery operated), a bible, prayer books, religious art, a rosary, or religious medals. You could add in holy water, prayer cards or a chalk board where you can write a weekly bible verse. Another great idea would be to add a chair, cushion or kneeler.

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